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10 French's Ufo case

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:45 pm    Post subject: 10 French's Ufo case Reply with quote

. First quickly, in moore details if a "demand" ( asking for) exist ?

1. The Jean Migučres case.

During a car crash, Jean Migučres nearly suffer of dead. Curiously, Jean Migučres survive this car crash, helped by a Alien ( Grey style) who reply to the namme of Strob.
Jean Migučres made also a very curious letter, that Roger Lorthioir give a traduction. Jean Migučres was also one of the first to speak about "implants" in these period of time and in Europe .

2. The Frank Fontaine case. Franck like Travis Walton says he was Abducted by Aliens, one replying to the namme of Horrio. All near one of the most well-know city of the world : Paris.
Sadly Franck made the prediction that a giant UFo will be see during a mid-summer of the 70's.
Of course, the deception was there, when the UFO no-show ( for everybody ?) .
Curiously, Marcel an other french native, have affirmed to have also encounter Horrio and all these Greyz entities.

3. The " Baavians" contacts, during the early 60 's. Some well know Ufologs of France and Belgium receive stange letters and datas coming from them. It's just BEFORE the most well know French-Spanish case of the Ummoans ( )+( ).

4. All in Europe and the world ( Japan, USA) some peoples are claiming to be in contacts with the Koldasians. The Koldasians are ETs living in a mirror Universe, and in the Future. The central case of this stuff is in South Africa.

5. The well-know case of UMMO; still made noise in the French Ufolog communauty, with the work of Jean Pollion, who say that indeed the UMMOANS symbols are accurate, and that it's a well constructed one.

6. The Belgium's wave of 89-90; and of 00-01 still made some noise too. Can the TR-3B ( popularised here by JM Roeder) can explain totally these 2 waves. Some still think no, of course.

7. Mister Alfarano for exemple, who claim to have be abducted during the first Belgium's wave. A case studied by Mister Lorthioir.

8. Or maybe, by the Gianino's, a couple of the city of Charleroi, who captured on tape an Ufo but also large-noised greyz.

9. Don't Think that "Abductions" only happens in the States, here we study that too, with the help of Florence B a ethnopsychiatrist.
Reptoids, Insectoids, Greyz are common things too, here.

For 10 why not the Voronej Landing in the end of the 80's or the UK UFO crash

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