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Spiral above Norway, Land's of the GOD

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:31 am    Post subject: Spiral above Norway, Land's of the GOD Reply with quote

This 9 December, of very strange and massive Spiral Show up in Norway.

Still remembering the years 1997-1998, loot of Ashtar's Zelator's and others speak about a cosmic " Photon's belt" comics. Pleadians speaks about the 3 Th Eye of the Gaia ( Earth) opening. The Pleadians already speaking of the Hoax of the Climate; All the solar's system heat up.
Still have pictures of UFOS coming above Norway, Stuff coming of the mind of a " groundcrew"...But it's in 1999. Not in 2009.

But remember a strong link exist between 90-00-10. The New World Order is taking place.

Of course, this very mysterious Light, making a Vortex, very comparable to NDE or orther's stuff. Receive already a loot of explications.

Let's see, these :

1. It's a Russia missile, the 13 Th ( Death 's symbols ) was is failing.
The BULL**Baal ( Moloch's) coming from a submarine. Maybe, it's true. Why not.
The Chinese's people confronted by such a Spiral Phenomena recetly received the same respond. See how this can happen, and again why not ?
But maybe, you must know, that today Russia is again ( 1988-1989) in the middle of a UFO 's WAVE.
Or maybe they preparre somthing, but what.

2. In french today, we are again a middle of a new UFO 's Wave. Like in 1989-90 or 00-01.
Just before first and second war in Irak. What will happen in 2010.
" Space Odyssey twoo" say Arthur C. Clarke.
Again the Link Between 2001 and 2010.

3. Loot of internet's Forum. Note the presence of Obama in Norway this 8-10 December 2010. Saying him, like the false Benjamin's Creme, false and devil Messia-Ma´treya.
You know that from years : Share International speaks about Special./Strange Lights across the globe/earth.

Is this the sign of Copenhague, New World Order. During the time's Obama(si) the false Messia receive is special X-Mass Star light ?
( Nobel Prize ).

In a few day this will be Ste Lucia, well know in Norway to bringing the Light ( Like Lucifer )

4. Other's speak about a black HAARP 's projects, just talking by former Wrestler and Governor, Jesse the Body Ventura.

5. Other's speak about a war versus Od'in's Territory, Asgard Attack or Siege ( like the present Marvel's Comic Book).

6. Most seriously, what is :


What is the link between this center and the Spiral above Norway.


Is this linked to Blue Beam 's project. What kind of Batman's signal was this strange Spiral.
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