Dead Reckoning by D. A. Dickens

"you will develop an appetite larger than the story’s extra-terrestrial creatures. You’ll be left hungry for more..."

Dead Reckoning is set in the foothills of the Himalayas. The story begins with the British invasion of India in the late 1700s. The British 8th Brigade disappears without a trace. Soldiers, canons and horses vanish in the Himalayan Berrera. Military authorities suspect desertion and end their investigation of their unexplained disappearance. The truth of what really happened to the British 8th Brigade is unknown to humankind for over two hundred years. That all changes in 2010 when the Great Eastern Endeavor begins construction of a great railway that promises to connect India, Nepal, Tibet and China.

As American architects and engineers begin construction of the Orient Express II, gruesome discoveries are unearthed

as the Berrera is cleared of its bush, vines and stumps. An American heavy equipment operator and a Ukrainian anthropologist piece together the unearthed findings and reveal the truth of what really happened to the 8th Brigade. Their investigations also confirm what humankind has always known but has never truly wanted to admit - we are not alone in this universe.

These discoveries ignite an imminent conflict between human and extra-terrestrial beings. World leaders, including America’s first female president, assemble to determine how to rid the planet of this unwanted pestilence. The final outcome brings the world together as a global community in the face of its possible obliteration from creatures who are only interested in earth’s inhabitants for palatable reasons.

Author David Dickens does an excellent job of combining historical references and science fiction lore. This book is very reader friendly and can be easily read in a day thanks in large part to its descriptive and suspenseful plot. It is sure to please history, political and science fiction enthusiasts as well as those who enjoy gripping horror stories. As you reach the end of this great book, you will develop an appetite larger than the story’s extra-terrestrial creatures. You’ll be left hungry for more and are ultimately hopeful that the author will produce another installment to this story.

Dead Reckoning by D. A. Dickens

"a quick and exciting read for science fiction fans and anyone else who may have pondered the question, are we alone in the universe?..."

This gripping story of alien invasion is set in the year 2010 AD, pulling the reader in to the author's well-researched vision of our own very near future. A massive construction project in India brings to the light of day the truth behind the historic legends and myths of jungle creatures that require human sacrifice. From India to The White House the story unfolds rapidly and requires the protagonists to face their greatest life challenges. As the reader is introduced to a cast of characters including everyman Mark Black, a construction worker with a gambling problem; the enticing Ukrainian anthropology researcher Tatiana, and even the President of the United States, each involves the reader in their private concerns which develop into issues with world-wide ramifications. A quick and exciting read for science fiction fans and anyone else who may have pondered the question, "are we alone in the universe?"

The book has a few flaws. It could use better editing and stronger plot development. It is also a lot of punch packed into very short story at 248 pages. Despite these weaknesses the narrative itself is strong and powerful and one the reader will race to finish.

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